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Dagestan. Invitation to Go for a Trip, Part II: Breeders

Vladimir Petrovich Shamborant established the biggest at the time Akhal-Teke breeding studfarm in Russia in Dagestan. “What is good about Turali (not far from Makhachkala) – said Vladimir Shamborant, famous AT breeder and founder of studfarm “Dagestansky” - is that the nature here is the same as at the motherland of Akhal-Tekes in Turkmenistan, but here is also the sea. What can be better?”

The breeding stock was carefully picked up in Turkmenistan. Later on many great horses from Dagestan went to Stavropol studfarm and made an important part of its famous breeding stock. But despite that, Dagestan kept producing more and more of outstanding Akhal-Teke horses and numerous breed champions. Here are only some of the recent names:

Mare GUNESH, bred by brothers Djaparov, Reserve Young World Champion
Satllion MIHMAN, bred by brothers Djaparov, Reserve Young World Champion
Stallion MANAS, bred at Dagestanskyi studfarm, World Champion
Mare ZAZA-BEKE, bred at “Djigit”, Reserve Young Russian Champion.
Stallion AILAZAT, bred at Dagestnskyi studfarm, Champion of Russia

Filly ZARIAT, bred at “Djigit”, Best filly at the World Championship
Stallion MURSHID, bred at “Akhaltekinetc”, Dagestan, Reserve Young World Champion

Colt DJIDAN, "Djigit", second place among colts at the World Championship
Filly ZIREKHGERAN, "Djigit", second place among fillies at the World Championship,
Stallion AMUZGI, Mr. Musaev/Osmanov, Young World Champion
Stallion SHAKHID, "Akhaltekinetc, Champion of Russia

Mare KHIVA, “Akhaltekinetc”, Young World Champion
Mare PRELESTNICA, Mr. Musaev, Reserve Young Russian Champion
Stallion DJAMIL', brothers Djaparov, Reserve Young Russian Champion
Stallion AMUZGI, born at Mr. Musaev, owned by studfarm named after Naib Idric, Reserve Russian Champion

There is a good number of breeding farms to visit in Dagestan.
A suggested trip program looks like this:

Day 1.
Arrival from Moscow to Makhachkala airport, accommodation at the health resort at the shore of Caspian Sea. Excursion to the Capital of Dagestan.

Day 2.
Akhal-Teke Sport Club “Djigit”
Makhachkala hippodrome, Akhal-Teke horses in race training
Riding Akhal-Teke horses at the shore of Caspian sea.

Day 3.
Akhal-Teke Studfarm “Dagestanskyi”
Akhal-Teke Breeding farm of brothers Djaparov,
Akhal-Teke Breeding farm of Mr.Musaev

Day 4.
Visit to Derbent, seeing the city dated back 3000 BC, its historical fortress, carpet market and new Akhal-Teke breeding farm.

Day 5.
Trip to Gunib – the most beautiful place in Dagestan mountains, visiting Akhal-Teke Studfarm named after Naib Idris near Cherghebil.

Day 6.
Trip to Chirkei hydro electro station, excursion to its one of the world tallest dam and the artificial Chirkei sea. Returning to Makhachkala. Free time.

Day 7.
Breeding Farm Akhaltekinetc. Akhal-Teke Round table at Club “Djigit”. Flight back to Moscow.

There are lot of things and horses to see in Dagestan! Your iseas about places to see are also welcome. If time permits, the group may visit studfarm Stavropolskyi as well. The first trip will take place at the end of August 2005, next trips will be scheduled later. Please, e-mail your suggestions or about your participation to Ganna Zernova


Lines bred at the farm: Caplan, Peren, Gelishikly, Kir-Sakar, El.