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Akhal-Teke breeding farm and dressage club "Insterburg"

Our horses

How it started In 1996 a group of 16 Akhal-Teke horses of different lines Caplan, Peren, El and Gelishikly were brought to Kaliningrad region of Russian from Uzbekistan. The horses went though many troubles and after 3 years in Kaliningrad region they joined the horseback riding club "Insterburg". We instantly felt in love with the breed and since then we've been taking care about these heavenly creatures. The club is owned and run by enthusiasts and horse-lovers. We are not rich in money, but we always offer to the horses plenty of love and care.

The Akhal-Teke horses found a new home 90 km from Kaliningrad, in the city named Cherniahovsk. Kaliningrad region is an enclave of Russia, situated at the coat of Baltic sea between Poland and Lithuania, across Denmark and Sweeden. Soviet Union got this territory after the Second World War in 1946. In the first part of 20th century German city Insterburg (today's Cherniahovsk) was famous for it's horse-breeding farms where well-known Trakenen breed of horses was started and for it's horseracing track - the biggest in Europe in that time. We have finally gotten our own property of 4 ha and now are slowly building Akhal-Teke breeding farm/dressage club, relying on ourselves and with a help of friends from around the world. We have already built comfortable stables, roomy paddocks and pastures, large outdoor arena with draining system. Our biggest task and dream for the future is building a modern indoor arena, where our horses, kids and handicapped kids from the club could train in wintertime.

 Akhal-Teke breeding farm and dressage club "Insterburg" is proud to be a member of MAAK. We use every opportunity to have our horses judged by MAAK specialists and to have a consultation about the breeding program.

 People, working at the farm:

Galina Ocenenko - our chief trainer. She grew up, graduated and made her carrier in Tashkent. Tashkent historically had great equine school. The school kept shining traditions of the old Russian horse army. Victor Ugrumov, Urii Kovshov (von silver at Moscow Olympics), Mamajon Ismailov, Anatolii Tankov and others, who got medals at world class events, worked there. Galina benefited from all of them. For 17 years she coached the Uzbekistan national team, she prepared 28 horses for Grand Prize class and 17 sportsmen who got the title "master of sport". We hope that her new "students" - both people and horses will also get to the top of dressage sport.

Not so "originally horse-related" people:
Ganna Zernova, Ph.D. - she is in charge for development program, horse sales, public relationships, this web site etc;

Elena Kamaeva - she is in charge for the farm constructing and maintenance.

There is a number of kids and young people, trained at the farm, now competing successfully at local and international events - Olga Osenenko, Ulia Marheliuk, Alexandr Dergachev, Diana Babushkina and others.

"Insterburg" provides free riding lessons for more than 30 kids from local poor families and 17 handicapped kids. We overcame bad times and we know how important is help and friendship

We welcome you to visit us! The farm is 600 km from Berlin and 1200 km from Moscow. There are direct flights to Kaliningrad from Copenhagen, Berlin, Warsaw, and Riga . You can also come from Moscow and St.Petersburg (flight or train), take a bus or drive from Poland or Lithuania. You will meet friendly people and see beautiful Akhal-Teke horses and if you have never ridden them - it might become a life changing experience. You will also see historical places of former Prussia Empire, enjoy long deserted sandy beaches of Russian part of Baltic sea and lot's of natural horse trails near Cherniahovsk. Welcome to Kaliningrad region - the unique Russian territory in Europe, hosting a farm, breeding unique Akhal-Teke horses.

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