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Looking for a partner

We are looking for a partner to open up all the potentials of our Akhal-Teke breeding farm/dresage club.

We have the most beautiful horses, we have good basics for breeding and sport training. Just one "thing" is missing for the moment - real money. We work hard and able to earn money. WE JUST NEED A CHANCE! Our horses and sportmen are fully prepard to take part in big scale equine events, we are winners of most regional competition and we are looking a sponsor to take part in bigger events.

Slowly, with the help of friends we are are building the real breeding farm and dressage club, we are no more in danger of starvation. But the task ahead of us is still very big. We believe that with people's help and God's blessing we can achieve the goal - establishing a safe permanent home for the horses and children, with bright future in sport.

If you are looking for a qualified Akhal-Teke, graded by MAAK, would you like to buy it from our small stud to support the other horses?

Would you like to be a God-parent for an Akhal-Teke horse? Have it picture, learn about it's achievements in competitions?

If you wish to join us, please let us know via e-mail: ganna.zernova at mail.ru
or fax: +7-4012-578910.
Maybe you can simply write us a couple of good ideas or supporting words. We will be happy to hear from your and will reply as soon as we can.

Ganna Zernova
Club "Insterburg",
46-b, Gusevskoe shosse,
Cherniahovsk, 238150,

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