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Club "Insterburg" in competitions

C O M P E T I T I O N S - 2 0 0 2:
Show-jumping: Regional competition for the most powerful jump.
May 20, 2002, Gusev:
Place: Rider: Horse: Rout:
II Olga Osenenko Baiadera 1 m and 70 cm!!
Show-jumping: Kaliningrad Regional Championship. May 03, 2002, Kaliningrad:
Place: Rider: Horse: Rout:
(team prize)
Olga Osenenko,
Ekaterina Ivanova
100 cm
(35 participants)
Olga Osenenko Baiadera 110 cm
"Closing of winter season". April 14, 2002, Cherniahovsk:
Place: Rider: Horse: Rout:
II Olga Osenenko Baiadera 110 cm
III Yulia Marcheliuk Paprika 110 cm
II Olga Osenenko Baiadera 120 cm
"Women's competition". March 8, 2002, Cherniahovsk:
Place: Rider: Horse: Rout:
I Olga Osenenko Baiadera 100 cm

Congratulations to the winners! Our young riders competed with adult masters of sport and left most of them behind!

We plan to take part in the following events:

July 24 - All-regional open competition in dressage "Insterburg", to be held in club "Insterburg"
Agust 23-25 - World Championship of Akhal-Teke horses, Moscow

C O M P E T I T I O N S - 2 0 0 1:

August 25-28, 2001, Moscow. World Championship of Akhal-Teke horses.
Our horses won gold and silver medals in evaluation of movement and a III degree diploma for young horses! Also we were very close to winning places in dressage and endurance competitions and got lot's of experience in International equine competition. We are looking forward to even better results next year.

Stallion Horezm: "Preliminary Prize" Horezm

Stallion Horezm: Getting ready for evaluation of movements Horezm

Stallion Horezm: silver medal in evaluation of movements. Great moves! Horezm

Stallion Murgab: diploma of III degree in the ring of young stallions Murgab

Stallion Murgab: gold medal in evaluation of movements.
He's got the best moves among young horses! Murgab
Pictures taken by Ekaterina Perederiy.

Horse back riding club Insterburg was the organizer and host of the REGIONAL OPEN DRESSAGE COMPETITION (Preliminary Prize and Small Prize programs) that took place at the territory of the club (city of Cherniahovsk)
1 place - Diana Babushkina/Waterpas (Club "Insterburg")
2 place - Olga Ocenenko/Rembo (Club "Insterburg")
3/4 place - Tarasova/Galdarika and Osipchuk/Begonia (Stud farm "Kaliningradskiy")

February 20, 2001, Cherniahovsk: Season opening in dressage, all-regional competition based on FEI tests. The winners are our sportsmen & horses:
B-Level: L-level:
Olga Osenenko/Bes - 1 place Bladimir Korolev/Waterpas - 1 place

December 24, 2000, Kaliningrad: Traditional all regional New Year competition in show-jumping and dressage brought us two first places! Gelding Bes was first in show-jumping (80 sm) and young stallion Waterpas - in dressage (B-level). Congatulations to the riders: Olga Ocenenko and Vladimir Korolev! Keep it on!

Olga Ocenenko and Bes Vladimir Korolev and Waterpas

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