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Latest news from club "Insterburg"

April 12, 2009: New additions to the sale list:
Buckskin filly Amira, 2007, Mikhman-Aibibi, line Posman
Palomino filly Maidat, 2007, Gumann-Madina, line Kaplan
Black stallion Karat-khan, 2004, Kadyr-Tiazegul', line Gelishikli
Light buckskin stallion Davletkhan, 2004, Gulam-Dauriya, line Kaplan
Light buckskin mare Taiga, 2004, Gornostai-Taina, line Sere

February 2009: Mare Akrapa (Lamart-Altana) delivered an outstanding filly, sire of the newborn foal is golden-bay stallion Dartai (Desmal-Darija),Champion of Russia 2006. The mare is covered again by the same outstanding stallion. The mare in foal is for sale.
New to the sale list is gelding Kaganat 2004 (Kazbek-Gulchetai), he is in thoughtful training for classical sports and can be seen in the Netherlands.

June 29, 2008: Filly Drakka, grey, 2006, Kepderi-Drama, line Kir-Sakar is added to the sale page.

March 30, 2008: Video clips of stunning stallions Achilles and Sherkhan are uploaded to their pages.

March. 2008: New stallion for sale is added to the sale page - Pakistan, 2001, golden-buckskin, Serasker - Poliana, line Sere. If you look for a shining stallion ready for any sport - here he is.

January. 2008: There is a new mare for sale added to this site - Digora, 1999, palomino, Garabek -16 - Desse, line Kaplan.

Dec 2007: Congratulations to Charlotte Louise Ottesen, Denmark with arriving of her purebred Akhal-Teke fillies from Dagestan region of Russia - Mukshiu and Melekaisu. Just in time before the New Year!

Club "Insterburg" wishes all our friends
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Let the year go as smooth and pleasant as the movements of Akhal-Teke horses!





Dec. 2007: Congratulations to Mrs. Heloise Ghirardi with acquiring the family of our purebred Akhal-Teke horses: stallion Horezm, mare Gagara, gelding Hagur, filly Kharisma and this year filly Gagushka!

At the moment we have no Akhal-Teke horses for sale from club Insterburg. But we still can offer you great horses from our partners in main Russia – from Dagestan region of Russia, from the north part of Russia (Piro negative region!) and from Moscow region. Visit our “horses for sale" page or just ask if you did not see the horse of your dream, but know exactly what do you want. May be your horses is already waiting for you, just was not uploaded to web yet.

May 28, 2006.
Congratulations to our stallion Hagur, 2002 (Horezm-Gagara) and his rider Margarita Stupkina. Hagur has started in show-jumping competitions this year:
-“Petrovo” , May 8, 2006: 9 place (0 fines) out of 28 participants, heights up to 100 cm, horses and riders of different ages and experiences;
-“Georgienburg”, May 20: 4 place (0 fines) out of 17 participants, heights up to 100 cm.

May 27, 2006.
Better later than never, we are happy to inform that the first lorry from Dagestan that happened in 2004 had a great success. Horses went to Holland, Denmark and USA, some already produces beautiful foals and we hope to follow their achievements in the future.


July 10, 2005.
"Dagestan. Invitation to go for a trip. Part II. Breeders." There is a suggested trip schedule and a list of horses from Dagestan, recent winners of important show rings.

July 10, 2005.
An article about beautiful Dagestan is added to the site. "Dagestan. Invitation to go for a trip. Part I. General." See a complete list of published articles here.

April 06, 2005.
There are more fillies from Dagestan uploaded to the sale page.


August 12, 2004.
Club Insterburg announces the opening of the remodelled Club House that will take place on September 26, 2004. We welcome all friends of the club to take part in our celebration!

August 10, 2004.
We are proud to inform that in 2004 "Insterburg" was awarded a grant from the WORLD CHILDHOOD FOUNDATION (Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden) to support our work with handicapped kids and kids from problem families within the frame of "PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN AT RISK". We are looking forward to start the grant implementation immediately after re-opening of the club house in September.

May 29, 2004.
Congratulations to Olga Osenenko, the 14 year old rider from club Insterburg who got II and III places at the all-regional adult dressage competition "Georgienburg"

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