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Some reasons to buy Akhal-Teke horses from us:

1. All our horses were blood tested in VNIIK and have MAAK passports. You know exactly what you are buying, no questionable pedigrees and problems with including into the General Studbook. We pay big attention to breeding program (acknowledgments to MAAK specialists) and are proud of powerful combination of famous names in pedigrees.

2. Most of our horses are pre-tested for Piro etc. (a "must know" for American buyers!). You can be sure that you horse will be able to enter your country.

3. At our small farm we treat horses as members of the family, in old Turkmen traditions. Our Akhal-Tekes get lots of personal attention, they behave well among other horses and with people. They are used to kids - members of our riding club - so you may not worry about their behavior with the young members of your family.

4. Horses at our farm are well raised and well fed, we use high quality oat mixes and excellent mineral supplements for brood mares and young horses; horses enjoy paddocks and pastures, have plenty of chances to move around and build muscles.

5. When youngsters grow up, we start light training and gradually increase it. Our chief-trainer is a Master of Sport in Dressage, she trained Uzbekistan national dressage team and prepared about 30 horses for Grand Prix level. You can be sure about proper classic training of your horse. We strongly believe in the need of basic dressage training for every horse, no matter what will be his/her sport specialization in the future.

6. We have several years of experience with exporting horses to EC countries and USA. We do export paper work and blood test ourselves. This serive is FREE for the horses, bred at our farm, and for a dicsounted price for other horses, bought via us.

7. We have good contacts with reliable transport agents in EC and USA. They will take really good care of your horses on the way to the new home.

8. Speaking about transport expenses, club "Insterburg" has great location. It is only 600 km from Berlin (Germany, EC) and half way between Moscow and Amsterdam, from where horses are shipped to the US. Our location makes transport cost at least twice cheaper, than from main parts of Russia. We always do our best to cut down your expenses even more, for example, by setting up groups of horses going the same direction and sharing the cost of transportation.

9. When brokering horses from other farms, we make very careful selection for type, pedigree, legal documents, training etc. We take full responsibility, as if they were bred at our farm.

10. We follow our horses till the moment they arrive to the new home and after it. We are always happy to be of your assistance.

11. Our previous buyers recommend us. There are references that we can forward to serious clients.

12. Last, but not least: your purchase will support free riding club for local kids from poor families and free riding therapy lessons for handicapped kids.

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