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List of the articles published at this website:

7. Dagestan. Invitation to go for a trip. Part II, Breeders Uploaded 10 July 2005

6. Dagestan. Invitation to go for a trip, part I, General Uploaded 10 July 2005

5. Some reasons to buy Akhal-Teke horses from us. Uploaded 05 July 2002

4. Buying Akhal-Tekes from Russia. Uploaded 30 April 2002

3. Kinds from "Insterburg" in Europe: visiting Holland and Luxemburg .
Uploaded 30 January 2002; in Russian.

2. Riding therapy for handicapped kids. Uploaded 17 May 2001

1. Once upon a time… Uploaded 24 December 2000

Lines bred at the farm: Caplan, Peren, Gelishikly, Kir-Sakar, El.