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Latest news from club "Insterburg"


May 02, 2003.
Two more young stallions are offered for sale -

Check out the sale page.

February 21, 2003. After a long internet silence we have uploaded a lot to the site!
Video clips are here: - List of video clips that you can download from this site. It's free! Enjoy!
Articles -
List of articles published at this site.
More horses for sale - Check out the sale page.

June 06, 2002. Congratulations to Olga Osenenko/Baiadera! On May 20 they have jumped over 1m 70cm at the competition for the most powerful jump in Gusev, Kaliningrad region. Olga Osenenko, a 13 years old girl, is now rated second among the strongest adult show-jumpers of the region. See updated competition list.

May 08, 2002. New article "Some reasons to buy Akhal-Tekes horses from us".

May 03, 2002. Congratulations to the riders and horses of our club with the First place at the team competition (100 cm) and Second place at the personal competition (110 cm)!
Details are here: competition list.

April 30, 2002. New article "Buying Akhal-Tekes from Russia", usefull tips that are easy to follow.

April 23, 2002. Club "Insterburg" takes part in competitions of the year 2002. According to the regional rules teenagers can compete with adult riders. We are proud of our well-trained horses and talented young riders, they keep winning over adult professionals! See updated competition list for details.

March 21, 2002. Looking for lovely and well-bred fillies? You have already found them at this site. Buy from our Akhal-Teke breeding farm and support the free riding/dressage club for local kids. More updates to the sale list...

March 18, 2002. We are proud to present you EXCELLENT stallions for sale from Dagestan, and a new brood MARE and dressage prospect. See our updated sale list!

January 14-17, 2002. The conference of AATK =Russian Association of Akhal-Teke breeders was held in VNIIK (All Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding, Ryazan). The conference had two major questions in program: updated charter of Association and the future of AI. After hot discussions, the conference made the most important decisions and delegated a group of respected members to write down the detailed rules for limited usage of AI in purebred Akhal-Teke breeding. The work should be finished in one year. Untill this document is ready, AATK conference decided to stop using AI in any form, except when the stallion and mare are at the same location. It seems that Akhal-Teke breed will take "a golden middle" between Arab breed (AI is allowed) and English TB (AI is prohibited).

December 02, 2001. An article about our tour to Europe is written in Russian and not translated in English yet, but pictures have no language limitations and you are welcome to vew pictures

November 14, 2001. "Akhal-Teke horses for sale" is finally updated. Now you can view pictures and pedigrees of Akhal-Teke horses for sale on line. And if you have questions, you still can send them via our easy sale form. Enjoy more pictures of beautiful horses!

November 10, 2001. We have added some pictures of our horses taken at the World Championship of Akhal-Teeke horses, Moscow, 2001. Click here!

October 21, 2001. Club Insterburg is touring Europe! Great chance for our young sportsmen to see other countries and to take part in the regular life of the Netherlands horseback riding club.

September 11. Dear American friends! We are full of sorrow about the world tragedy in your country. I can not find the right words, but all our thoughts are with you.

September 5, 2001: GONGRATULATIONS TO OUR HORSES/RIDERS - WINNERS OF THE WOLRD CHAMPIONSHIP. We traveled across 3 borders and traveled 1200 kms to arrive in Moscow, and the results were terrific! Our horses won gold and silver medals in evaluation of movement and a III degree diploma for young horses! Also we were very close to winning places in dressage and endurance competitions and got lot's of experience in International level equine competition. We are looking forward to even better results next year.

Moscow-2001 Moscow-2001
Pictures taken by Ekaterina Perederiy. More to come…

August 25-26, 2001: Club "INSTERBURG" competes in Moscow at the III World Championship of Akhal-Teke horses and IV-th International sport meeting of breeders and fans of Akhal-Teke horses. The event takes place in Moscow, August 24-26. In the program: international show of pureblood Akhal-Teke horses "World Championship 2001"; show-jumping competitions - 120 and 130 sm; two-days event; dressage - Preliminary and Small Prize; endurance rides for 30 and 60 km.
See details about the meeting at www.maakcenter.org

"Insterburg", July 29, 2001. Results:
1 place - Diana Babushkina (Club "Insterburg")
2 place - Olga Ocenenko (Club "Insterburg")
3/4 place - Tarasova/Osipchuk (Stud farm "Kaliningradskiy")

July 24, 2001: Pictures of the great horses - winners of the II World Champioship of Akhal-Teke horses, Moscow, August 2000 - are added to the site. Pictures are here.

June, 2001: Announce of the competitions. Club Insterburg is the organizer and host of the REGIONAL OPEN DRESSAGE COMPETITION (Preliminary Prize and Small Prize programs) that will take place at the territory of the club (city of Cherniahovsk) on July 29, 2001. The winners will get awards from the Regional Sport Committee and other special prizes. Welcome to the day of dressage!

May 28, 2001: Great news for all Akhal-Teke fans: www.maakcenter.org - official website of International Association of Akhal-Teke Breeding (MAAK) is now open in Russian and English.

May, 2001: A new chapter is added to the website. We should have told about this long time ago, but could not do really important things and write about them at the same time. Now you can read about riding therapy, FREE regular lessons provided at the club to 17 handicapped kids from the city of Cherniahovsk. We saw bad times and we know how important is help… (read it here )

May 8, 2001: We have long time forgotten about spirit of May Holidays in former Soviet Union, but this time the formal holiday turned out to be really great time for us. We've hosted our dear friends from Holland - Arno and Marjo, and also their young friend from a riding club for handicapped children in Hengelo - Walter. Thank you for coming and we are looking forward to see you, Arno, at the birthday of the club!
Also very pleasant was a visit of new guests from Moscow - 4 young people who turned out to be a good company for our horses and kids. We are happy to know you - Andrew, Anna, Katia and Evgenia.

April, 2001: What is the most difficult thing about running a horsebreeding farm? You can not guess, but it's making draining system! Busy, busy month… waiting for some sunshine and the end of work "underground".

February 22, 2001: Some more winter pictures have arrived: New Year greetings to our friends - Russian border guards. They liked that the young New Year came on a pony ;)

New Year greetings to our friends - Russian border guards New Year greetings to our friends - Russian border guards

February 20, 2001: We won the season opening in dressage. All-regional competition was based on FEI tests. The winners are our sportsmen & horses:
B-Level: L-level:
Olga Osenenko/Bes - 1 place Bladimir Korolev/Waterpas - 1 place

December 24, 2000: We stated to compete! Traditional all regional New Year competition in show-jumping and dressage brought us two first places! Gelding Bes was first in show-jumping (80 sm) and stallion Waterpas - in dressage (B-level). Congatulations to the riders: Olga Ocenenko and Vladimir Korolev! Keep it on!

Olga Ocenenko and Bes Vladimir Korolev and Waterpas

December 20, 2000: A wonderful story, written by a good friend, is added to the site:
Once upon a time… a little bit over a year ago, in a far away country about 1,500 kilometres from here… we first met. I had already fallen in love, even before our first encounter... (read the story)

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